Christy Wilson is a highly trusted and respected campaign manager, with nearly 20 years of experience in ballot initiatives, public affairs, public relations and marketing. Christy has managed and implemented campaigns on a broad range of issues including frivolous lawsuits, insurance reform, mortgage and financial bailouts, energy, gaming, campaign finance, taxation and education.

Her expertise lies in developing and organizing ballot initiative and legislative advocacy campaigns. From the conceptual phase through the drafting, qualification and campaign phases of these efforts, Christy excels at aligning the interests of her clients with public opinion in order to achieve their policy goals.

As a campaign manager, she manages all aspects of public opinion research, strategic planning, media relations, marketing, grassroots and grasstops coalition building, speakers training, paid media and legislative advocacy. Her work has garnered Pollie, Tellie and Summit Creative Awards.

Her clients have included the Personal Insurance Federation of California, California Chamber of Commerce, Bio, State Farm Mutual Insurance Company, BD, Valero, Chevron, California Restaurant Association, Solano County Water Agency, among others.

Before starting her own public affairs practice, she was a partner with Goddard Claussen/West. She received her B.A. in International Relations from Tulane University.