Minnesotans Against Fraud and Higher Insurance Costs


In February 2007, the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA) backed legislation that would allow two lawsuits for every insurance accident, one against the person who caused the accident and another against his or her insurance company. Minnesotans Against Fraud and Higher Insurance Costs was created in response to this legislation.

The committee launched its attack through paid and earned media, direct mail and grassroots and grasstops recruitment. Our campaign messaging strategy framed the issue in a way that consumers would understand and provided enough fuel to encourage public outcry. The legislation was branded the “Double Lawsuit” Bill.

Our coalition and messaging provided substantial hurdles at every step of the legislative process that the MTLA was unable to overcome. Attempts to include it in the budget language were unsuccessful and the stand alone language was never brought up for a vote because the trial bar did not have the votes to get it passed.